University of Massachusetts Amherst

Undergraduate International Students and RAP

What is a RAP?

For more than 20 years RAP has offered unique living and learning opportunities designed to help first-year students have a smooth transition to UMass Amherst. When students join a RAP, they become part of a small community on a large campus.To learn more about RAP, please visit:

Can International Students Participate in a RAP?

Yes, International Students can participate in a RAP if they do not need Break Housing (formerly known as 9-Month Housing). Students who need housing when the residence halls close during university breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring) cannot participate in a RAP.

How do International Students hold a spot in a RAP?

International Students must register with New Students Orientation (either sign up for a date or tell us they can't attend) and take the Math Placement Test to be eligible to sign up for a RAP.

  1. Students Log in to the NSO registration site:

Students Fill Out biographical info on Tab 1 and Emergency Contact info on Tab 2

  1. On Tab 3 International Students see a special message informing them that they MUST attend IPO orientation before the semester starts and that they are encouraged to also attend New Students Orientation during June or July if they will be in the US at that time. Students have the option to choose an NSO date or select I cannot attend any session.
  1. On Tab 4 students see instructions for the online Math Placement Test. They should log in and take the test. It can take up to 48 hours for test results to be processed before students can sign up for a RAP.
  1. On Tab 5 students see information about saving a seat in a RAP. Further instructions are available at