Maintaining Status/Enrollment

Full-Time Enrollment: Federal regulations require that you enroll in classes each term and maintain a full course of study. If you are planning to withdraw or change to audit credits, consult with IPO first as this may put you below full time.  Repeat course credits do not count towards your full time status.


Full time Enrollment is defined as follows

  • Undergraduate-level students = Minimum of 12 credits per term
  • Graduate-level students = Minimum of 9 credits per term (If you are taking less than 9 credits than you have to register for Continuous Enrollment. Consult your Academic Advisor regarding the process.)


Online class regulation: U.S. Immigration Regulations require that only ONE online class per term can be used to count toward the minimum number of credits needed for full-time enrollment. If you only need 1 course to complete your program of study, the course cannot be online or distance learning.


Please make sure you are in compliance with the full-time enrollment requirement. Failure to follow these regulations will affect and possibly end your immigration status. Please contact IPO if you have any questions.