For Scholars

J1 Employment for Researchers/Scholars

An individual in the above category may, with the permission of Program Sponsor (if you have a program sponsor other than UMass - for example, IIE - contact your visa sponsor for details) participate in occasional lectures or short term consultations - incidental to primary activities and directly related to the objectives of the visitor's program - within the allowable time frame.

In order to apply for such temporary employment authorization, the J-1 researcher/scholar must:

  1. Obtain a written offer of temporary employment including the duration of the position, the number of hours to be worked each week, the field or subject of focus, amount of compensation, and a description of activity
  2. Obtain a letter from the academic department recommending such an activity and explaining how it will enhance the intended program.

Once the researcher/scholar has these letters, they should be presented to an Foreign Student Advisor for consideration. If such temporary employment is approved, the Foreign Student Advisor will give the researcher/scholar written permission.

J2 Employment

Dependents (spouse, children 15-21) of J1-holders are eligible to work with special permission. J2 Employment Application