Change of Status (COS)

NOTE: The information below is only advisory in nature. An application for a change of immigration status filed within the United States is considered your own personal application, and is not sponsored by the University of Massachusetts, nor is the University of Massachusetts responsible for the application. A change of status application must be filed directly by the individual seeking the change of immigration status and the corresponding application fee must be paid directly to United States Citizenship & Immigration Services, as indicated in the instructions. You may wish to consider seeking legal advice from an immigration attorney prior to filing.

Please also note the following:

  • A change of status application, once approved, only changes your immigration status inside the US. A change of status does not provide you with a new visa stamp in your passport. Once approved you will still need a valid visa stamp for any future travel and re-entry to the US. US visas may only be obtained at a US consulate abroad.
  • You may not depart the US at any time while your change of status application is pending (including travel to Canada). If you do depart the US prior to change of status approval, your application will be considered abandoned and canceled and no refund will be given.
  • USCIS processing times for changes of immigration status vary considerably and generally take between 3 to 7 months for approval. There are currently no mechanisms to expedite a pending change of status application.
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