Certificate of Attendance

You must be a full time student on Umass Amherst F1 or J1 visa sponsorship to request Certificate of Attendance letters. We do not offer visa renewal letters. Follow the instructions below:

  1. Select a 'letter template' below.
  2. Update the template with your personal information.
    • You cannot change the contents/wording in the first paragraph.
    • You must indicate the EXACT purpose of your letter in the “Additional Remarks” section. Any changes or additions to the letter can be made in this section only. 
    • Make sure ALL of the information on your letter is correct before you submit your request (i.e. spelling of names, dates of birth, etc.)
  3. Submit your letter(s) for processing to ebogdahn@ipo.umass.edu. Use subject line: “Certificate of Attendance Request” and attach all letters in MS Word format.

Processing time is 2-3 business days.


CERTIFICATE OF ATTENDANCE: Request this letter for tourist visa applications for countries other than the United States, Massachusetts driver's license application supplements, etc. Please be specific about the intended use of this letter, additional information may be requested.

FAMILY INVITATION: Request this letter to invite family members to visit you during your studies at Umass.

UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT GRADUATION INVITATION (Only available for request during the Spring semester): Request this letter to invite family members to attend your May Graduation Commencement.

GRADUATE STUDENT GRADUATION INVITATION (Only available for request during the Spring semester): Letter requests are processed by the Graduate Dean’s Office. To obtain the request form go to the Graduate Dean's Office in 514 Goodell or email graddean@grad.umass.edu.


  • STUDENTS ON OPT OR ACADEMIC TRAINING: To request a Certificate of Attendance contact bjtang@ipo.umass.edu; include your full name and SPIRE number.
  • CURRENT EXCHANGE (NON-DEGREE) STUDENTS: Drop off your enrollment verification forms for signature in 467 Hills South (IPO Main Office).