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The Education Abroad Office is committed to offering study abroad experiences to all UMass Amherst students. 

You may find that a number of factors influence your experience abroad, including your nationality, race and ethnicity, religion, gender and sexual orientation, and disability. Attitudes toward women and minority groups vary greatly across cultures, as do experiences in gender identity and sexual orientation.

In some cultures you may experience being in the minority (i.e. foreigner) or in the majority for the first time. How the "majority culture" defines itself also differs around the world. Understanding how these perceptions can influence your education abroad experience can help to better understand yourself and the new host culture. 

The following pages will provide you with information and resources for exploring different perspectives on diversity issues abroad: 

Race and Ethnicity and Education Abroad

Religion and Education Abroad 

Gender and Education Abroad 

Sexual Orientation and Education Abroad

Non-Traditional Students and Education Abroad

Disability Support and Education Abroad