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While studying abroad, you can fulfill Gen Ed, major, minor or graduation requirements by obtaining prior approval. Check your degree requirements on SPIRE and discuss your plans to study abroad with an academic advisor in your major(s) to determine how and when study abroad will best fit into your academic plan.  


You must maintain full-time enrollment at your host institution or program. UMass considers 12 credits to be full-time enrollment for undergraduates and 9 credits for graduates. Academic approval is necessary for credit earned abroad to count toward specific degree requirements. However, all courses on approved study abroad programs will count towards total graduation credits. 

Once you have started a program application, you must gain approval for specific degree requirements, obtain the appropriate signatures on your ICAF - International Course Approval Form (downloadable from your IPO application):

  • Major Credit - your chief undergraduate advisor
  • Minor Credit - your “minor” advisor
  • Gen Ed Credit - Cristina Sosa, International Registrar 
  • Global Education Credit (SBS majors) - Thompson 128 
  • Graduation Clearance/Credit - your major advisor 


Courses abroad must be taken for a grade. You may take one course as Pass/Fail, and only if Pass/Fail is a grading option offered by the program or host institution. Foreign grades and credits will be converted into UMass equivalencies and recorded on your UMass transcript with course titles. However, study abroad grades are not averaged into your GPA, with the exception of UMass Amherst faculty-led programs.