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September 24 – 29, 2006

Thomas Eissing
Universität Stuttgart
Systems Theory
Host: Mike Henson, Chemical Engineering, UMass Amherst

Prof. Dr. Michael Hanack
Universität Tübingen
Organic chemistry, phthalocyanines, materials science, non-linear optics
Hosts: Daniel Sandman, Chemistry, UMass Lowell, Vince Rotello, Chemistry, and Joe Jerry, Veterinary and Animal Sciences, UMass Amherst

Prof. Dr. Dieter Heermann
Universität Heidelberg
Theoretical Physics, biology and computer science working on life science problems
Host: Jon Machta, Physics, UMass Amherst

Prof. Dr. Heinz Isengard
Universität Hohenheim
Food Technology
Host: Jochen Weiss, Food Science, UMass Amherst

Prof. Dr. Stefan Leue
Universität Konstanz
Computer Science
Hosts: George Avrunin and Lori Clarke, Computer Science, UMass Amherst

Dr. Jan Mollenhauer
Universität Heidelberg
Cancer Research (want to find center for infectious disease and vaccine research/cancer biology (colon cancer DNAs, cystic fibrosis molecular mechanisms & drug development)
Host: Joe Jerry, Veterinary and Animal Sciences, UMass Amherst

Dr. Valeska Reichel
Universität Heidelberg
Pharma (drug delivery systems, into the cns, especially blood-brain barrier and blood cerebrospinalfluid barrier)
Hosts: Joe Jerry, Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Vince Rotello, Chemistry, UMass Amherst

Prof. Dr. Ilia Polian
Universität Freiburg
Computer Science
Host: Sandip Kundu, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Umass Amherst

Prof. Dr. Juergen Ruehe
Universität Freiburg
Microsystem Engineering, polymer science, surface modifications, micro/nanotechnology, polymers for biomedical, DNS protein-chips, biocompatibility of surfaces
Host: Tom Russell, Polymer Science and Engineering, UMass Amherst

Vartuhi Tonoyan
Universität Mannheim
Intnl. Mangagement, Entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship/ women and entrepreneurship research)
Hosts: Mohsin Habib, Management, UMass Boston, Michelle Budig, Sociology, UMass Amherst

Prof. Dr. Lisa Wiesmüller
Universität Ulm
OB/Gyn, breast cancer research
Host: Joe Jerry, Veterinary and Animal Sciences, UMass Amherst

Prof. Dr. Werner Rothengatter
Universität Karlsruhe
Econ (cost benefit analysis and integrated systems analysis for the assessment of networks)
Hosts: Nathan Gartner, Civil Engineering, UMass Lowell, Marguritte Zarrillo, Physics, UMass Dartmouth

Prof. Dr. Andreas Quirrenbach
Universität Heidelberg
Host: Peter Schloerb, Astronomy, UMass Amherst

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