Academic Year 2010/11

The April 2011 Final Business Plan Competition grand prize of $30,000 was won by Bacteriotix, a five-member team of students and alumni that is pioneering narrow spectrum antimicrobial agents to treat difficult bacterial infections. The foundation for Bacteriotix technology draws on the work of Margaret Riley, professor of biology at UMass Amherst, and Robert L. Dorit, associate professor of biological sciences at Smith College. The second place prize of $20,000 was awarded to 3D Therapeutics, a company whose technology streamlines and accelerates pre-clinical drug development by providing a more realistic understanding of how human tissues absorb and excrete drugs. The research behind the company originated in the laboratory of Neil Forbes, associate professor of chemical engineering at UMass Amherst.

The prior round Executive Summary & Elevator Pitch Competition, held in December of 2010 resulted in the following awards: 3D Therapeutics, $2,500; Aha! Productions, $1,000; Bacteriotix, $2,500; Flexolyte Power Solutions, $2,500, and Posytive Ltd., $1,500.

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