Academic Year 2006/07

The May 2007 Final Business Plan Competition grand prize of $45,000 was won by team Condition Engineering for their proposal of a new company that would monitor and provide failure warning systems for earthen structures. Current monitoring techniques are limited to visual inspections and specialized sensors and equipment that are expensive and provide limited information. Condition Engineering would deliver a novel set of sensor units embedded in the ground, with tens of thousands of these sensors providing a widespread monitoring and early failure warning system. This technology would be versatile across many markets and applications, including construction sites, railroad beds, flood control systems, landfills and bridges.

The prior round Executive Summary & Elevator Pitch Competition, held in December of 2006 for a $5,000 prize, was won by team Diamond Innovations. Diamond Innovations is a new company that would produce diamond-coated, long-lasting artificial joints and thus lower the number of painful, follow-up surgeries for implant recipients. Diamond Innovations is currently seeking a patent for a new technique in which diamond can be created from polymer precursors. Thin, smooth diamond films created through this process can then be coated onto objects of different shapes and sizes.