UMass IC Application Form

Intent to Compete Form & Certificate of Eligibility - 2015/16

Recommended, but not required for MinutePitch entries.
This does not include you or your family.

Optional video

You are encouraged to record a 1-3 minute video that showcases you pitching your idea. You may use a camera phone, video camera, computer camera, etc. and will not be in any way judged on the quality of the video. Links to video clips should be e-mailed to Meagan Riley at YouTube and Dropbox are recommended.

In your video pitch you should quickly answer the following five questions:

  1. What's the PROBLEM your product or service addresses?
  2. What's your SOLUTION?
  3. Who are your customers – how large is the MARKET?
  4. Who is the COMPETITION?
  5. What advantages make you so SPECIAL?
You can add/change competitions at any time by contacting Meagan Riley at

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