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Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 4:00pm

Compostion and Compassion: Ethiopia and Rwanda Memory Transposed

Narration in Imagery, Poetry, and Prose


Amy Fagin is a U.S. based visual artist specializing in the traditional art form of manuscript illumination.  Her body of work has forged a meta-modernist contribution to the materials, techniques and theoretical principals used in manuscript illumination as a re-mediated visual art form for contemporary consideration.  She is author of Beyond Genocide; an emerging series of contemporary illuminations narrating a visual arts perspective on global historical legacies of genocide and mass annihilation.  Beyond Genocide is designed as a universally accessible visual arts experience.  Ms. Fagin is also an independent scholar in genocide studies and conducts research / seminars and advisory work on global initiatives of memory and memorialization through individual and collective arts expression and the museum experience.