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Protein engineers manipulate protein structure and function using a wide array of techniques, including simple amino acid substitutions, incorporation of novel chemical moieties, binding of new ligands, and design of new chimeras.  Protein engineering goals include probing the biological functions and interactions of proteins, designing new functions, and examining the impact of causitive mutations on diseases. At UMass, leading structural biologists and biophysicists are teaming with engineers and computational biologists to dissect, simulate, and predict protein structure, motion, and function.

Study Areas

  • Allosteric engineering of caspases
  • How defects in glycoprotein structure cause disease
  • Directed evolution to achieve improved and novel activity in enzymes
  • Probiotics engineering to elucidate protein structure and conformational changes
  • Protein folding in the cell and how it can go wrong

Application Targets

  • Improved prediction of protein structure and function
  • Drug discovery
  • Regulation of apoptosis
  • Creation of proteins with improved function

Thrust Leaders

Lila Gierasch
Jeanne Hardy

Affiliated Faculty

Paul Dubin
Lila Gierasch
Scott Garman
Lori Goldner
Kevin Griffith
Jeanne Hardy
Alejandro Heuck
Wei-Lih Lee
Jennifer Ross
Sallie Schneider
Danny Schnell

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