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Graduate Certificate in Cellular Engineering

The mission of the ICE IGERT sponsored Graduate Certificate in Cellular Engineering is to exploit the synergistic interface of engineering and the life sciences to enable novel graduate training in areas of cellular form, function, and processing. Students, in addition to satisfying home department requirements, complete additional, interdisciplinary cellular engineering curricula to earn the graduate certificate.

For a detailed description, view our Graduate Certificate Flyer.

This certificate program is open to any currently matriculated graduate student enrolled in an affiliated UMass engineering, physical, or life sciences graduate program.

How do I enroll?
Students who would like to enroll in this program should contact Professor Roberts.

Program Highlights include:

  • A gateway Fundamentals of Cellular Engineering (ChemEng 680/690F) course.
  • Lab Modules, which showcase research techniques in a small, hands-on environment. View past offerings.
  • Graduate Seminar Series(ChemEng 797D), which exposes students to cutting edge topics in cellular engineering.
  • A student-run ICE IGERT Research Seminar (ChemEng 797R), in which students take turns presenting their research to a peer audience that offers a comfortable forum for expanding knowledge and strengthening interdisciplinary communication skills.
  • A student-run ICE IGERT Journal Club (ChemEng 797S) with an emphasis on interdisciplinary communication and exchange of ideas.
  • A Professional Seminar (ChemEng 797E) is offered each summer, and trains students in such topics as research ethics, comminication skills, career paths, etc. .
    In addition to this seminar, students also customize a professional development elective.

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