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Applications and FAQs

Calling ICE IGERT Training Faculty!
The ICE IGERT program seeks innovative training faculty to mold tomorrow’s workforce.  For additional information, please contact Shana Passonno.
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Calling ICE IGERT Student Members!
Any student matriculated into an affiliated department or interdisciplinary graduate program may apply to the ICE IGERT Program. Students, please note: your advisor does NOT need to be an ICE faculty member for your to join ICE IGERT!
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How may I be considered for an ICE Student Training Grant?
Any active ICE IGERT student member (NO citizenship requirements) may apply for a Student Training Grant, which provides financial support for activities such as presenting research, attending workshops or initiating new research.
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How may I be considered for an NSF-funded ICE IGERT traineeship?
The program is no longer accepting traineeship applications..


Which departments/interdisciplinary graduate programs are affiliated with the program?

Does my advisor need to be an ICE IGERT faculty member for me to join the program? Do I even need to have an advisor?
No, and no! Any graduate student matriculated into an affiliated department is welcome to join the program as an Associate member. This includes first-year graduate students, who may not yet have an advisor assigned.

I am in the process of applying to graduate school.  May I apply to the ICE IGERT program?
No. The ICE IGERT program is an interdisciplinary cooperative spanning ten affiliated departments and four interdisciplinary graduate programs.  Students adhere to individual department/program admissions processes, but are encouraged to express interest in the ICE IGERT program in application statements.  Once matriculated into one of the affiliated programs, students may apply to the ICE IGERT program during the first year spring semester.

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