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Faculty members from ten science and engineering departments conduct basic and applied research in cellular engineering.  ICE organizes industry-relevant research into Research Thrust Groups. faculty


Research Interests

Harry Bermudez

Biomimetic materials, nanoscale self-assembly, gene delivery

Magdalena Bezanilla

Molecular Control of Plant Cell Growth, Cytoskeletal Basis of Cellular Morphogenesis

Surita Bhatia

Complex Fluids, Polymeric Gels, and Nanostructured Biomaterials

Samuel Black

Targeted control of inflammation, host-protected immune responses

Jeffrey Blanchard

Developing renewable alternatives to gasoline using innovative genomic methods

James Chambers

Photochemical Neurobiology

Paul Dubin

Large-scale protein separations; Polyelectrolyte-colloid coacervation; Structure-property relations in Glycosaminoglycans

Rafael Fissore

Ca2+ Release Mechanisms in Mammalian Eggs During Maturation and Fertilization

Neil Forbes

Tumor Therapeutic and Metabolic Engineering

Scott Garman

Structural Biology of Glycoproteins in Human Disease

Lila Gierasch

Protein Folding in the Cell and How It Can Go Wrong

Lori Goldner

Single Molecule Biophysics

Kevin Griffith

Bacterial cell-cell signaling and engineering tools to study regulatory networks

Jeanne Hardy

Design of Allosteric Inhibitors of Caspases, Mediatiors of Apoptosis

Samuel Hazen

Regulatory genomics and systems biology of cell wall biosynthesis

Daniel Hebert

Protein maturation and quality control in the mammalian secretory pathway, and understanding the viral life cycle

Michael Henson

Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Multicellular Systems

Alejandro Heuck

Fluorescence spectroscopy applied to membrane protein interactions. Development of molecular probes to detect cholesterol levels in cellular membranes

David Kulp

Genome Variation Detection, Genetic Mapping, Microarray Technology, Microbial and Viral Genomics

Wei-Lih Lee

Cellular functions and dynamics of microtubules and motor proteins

Susan Leschine

Microbial Decomposition of Biomass, Biofilm Formation, and Fuels from Biomass

Derek Lovley

Systems Biology Approach to Optimization of Bioremediation and Microbial Fuel Cells and Physiology and Ecology of Anaerobes

Jennifer Normanly

Metabolic Regulation and Engineering

Sandra Petersen

Neural effects of steroids and envrionmental pollutants

Shelly Peyton

Biomaterial Models of Cell Migration Microenvironments

Susan Roberts

Plant Metabolic Engineering, Taxol Biosynthesis, and Mammalian Cell In Vitro Systems

Jennifer Ross

Biophysics of Microtubules and Motor Proteins

Maria Santore

Dynamically Responsive Smart Materials, Biomimetic Interfaces

Jessica Schiffman

Nanostructured Biomaterials from Renewable Biopolymers & Natural Products

Sallie Schneider

Engineering methods in vivo to sensitize breast cancer cells to death

Danny Schnell

Protein Engineering via Over-Expression in Plant Plastids

Lawrence Schwartz

Molecular Mechanisms Controlling Programmed Cell Death

Janice Telfer

Long-term Reconstituting Hematopoietic Stem Cells

Gregory Tew

Bioinspired and Biomimetic Structures, Supramolecular Polymer Science, Self Organization, Responsive Materials/Surfaces, Polymers for Biomedical Science, Well Defined Macromolecular Architectures, Functional Materials, Novel Biomaterials, Hydrogels.

S. "Thai" Thayumanavan

Novel Polymeric Materials for Biological Sensing, Drug and Gene Delivery

Lynmarie Thompson

Mechanisms of Membrane Protein Complexes Involved in Signalling or Bioenergetics, Including Receptors and Transporters; Solid State NMR Spectroscopy Studies of Local Structure and Conformation Changes.

Kimberly Tremblay

Understanding organogenesis of the mammalian liver and pancreas

Pat Wadsworth

Cytoskeleton in mitosis and cytokinesis

Elsbeth Walker

Metabolic Engineering in Plants, Iron Uptake and Paclitaxel Biosynthesis

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