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Kimberely D. Tremblay
Assistant Professor, Veterinary & Animal Sciences
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
(413) 545-5560

Understanding organogenesis of the mammalian liver and pancreas

Our lab is interested in understanding the earliest decisions that are made by cells that are entering the hepatic or pancreatic lineages. To do this we are taking a multipronged approach utilizing novel ex vivo culture techniques, as well as the more traditonal genetic and in vitro approaches such as knock-out technology and in vitro differentiation of embryonic stem cell.  We anticipate that by understanding these early cell decisions, which involve both moprhological and molecular mechansims, we will be able to make better decisions as to how to in vitro differentiate therapeutically relevant cell types and tissues.


Research Interest

Potential Application

Understanding the molecular basis of liver and pancreas organogenesis

In vitro differentiation of therapeutically relevant cell types, such as hepatocytes or the insulin producing pancreatic beta cell

Understanding the morphological basis of liver and pancreas development

Recapitulating these events in vitro to potentially engineer whole organs





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