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Lynmarie Thompson
Associate Professor, Chemistry
Director, Chemistry-Biology Interface Program
403E LGRT Tower A
University of Massachusetts
710 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003-9336
(413) 545-0827

Structural biology of membrane proteins

Membrane proteins represent up to 30% of various genomes and 60% of drug targets, and play critical roles in bioenergetics and in the transport of material and information between cells. Despite their fundamental and biomedical importance, structural biology of membrane proteins lags far behind that of soluble proteins. It is clear that understanding structure and function in these challenging complexes will continue to require integration of a variety of techniques to address the questions and systems of interest. Our laboratory takes such an approach, integrating the emerging tools of solid-state NMR with a variety of other biophysical, biochemical, and molecular biology approaches to address structure and function in important membrane proteins.


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University of Massachusetts
Institute for Cellular Engineering
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