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Sallie Smith Schneider
Scientist, Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute
3601 Main Street
Springfield, MA 01199
(413) 794-0941

Engineering methods in vivo to sensitize breast cancer cells to death

Undertanding parity-induced changes in the human breast and how these changes can be harnessed to improve prevention and treatment strategies. In particular, my lab focuses on pathways that sensitize cells to apoptosis  and alter growth and motility, such as the tumor suppressor p53, the family of wnt antagonists, and TGFbeta family members.


Research Interest

Potential Application

Engineering breast fibroblast or epithelial cells to express antagonists of the Wnt pathway

Treatment or prevention of breast cancer

Identification of parity-induced siganture in the human breast

Targeting chemotherapeutic agents

Understanding the resistance to apoptosis in cancer stem cells

Combinatorial therapeutics



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