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Shelly R. Peyton
Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
(413) TBD

Biomaterial Models of Cell Migration Microenvironments
Our lab focuses on diseases of the human body that are critically impacted by improper cell migration. We use polymeric biomaterials to create mimics of the natural migratory microenvironment and study how cues from the ECM can direct cell migration in vitro.


Research Interest

Potential Application

Smooth muscle cell motility on 2D biomaterial platforms in the presence of cytokines

Design of pharmacological treatments for cardiovacsular disease

Synthetic fibrillar materials with orthoganol control of physicochemical cues

Stem cell recruitment to sites of soft tissue repair.

3D biomaterials to study stem cell-tumor cell crosstalk

Study the ability of stem cells to participate in cancer metastasis

Breast cancer cell metastatic potential in engineered microenvironments

Novel treatments for breast cancer metastasis

University of Massachusetts
Institute for Cellular Engineering
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