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Derek Lovley
Distinguished Professor, Microbiology
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
(413) 545-9651

Systems Biology Approach to Optimization of Bioremediation and Microbial Fuel Cells and Physiology and Ecology of Anaerobes

Dr. Lovley's research is focused on the physiology and ecology of novel anaerobic microorganisms. Current topics of investigation include: in situ groundwater bioremediation; microbial fuel cells; directed and natural evolution of anaerobic respiration; anaerobic biofilms; and extracellular electron transfer mechanisms. These studies are being approached at the genome scale and involve genetic, biochemical, ecological, and in silico modeling approaches. Research ranges from basic physiological studies to collaborations with industry to optimize the function of microbial fuel cells.


Research Interest

Potential Application

Microbial fuel cells

Microbial fuel cells which can efficiently convert waste organic matter to electricity

Groundwater remediation

Immobilizing uranium and other heavy metals from contaminated groundwaters





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