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Michael Henson
Professor, Chemical Engineering
Director of the Center for Process Design and Control
Co-Director of The Institute for Massachusetts
Biofuels Research (TIMBR)
University of Massachusetts
Amherst, MA 01003
(413) 545-3481

Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of Multicellular Systems
Our lab specializes in dynamic modeling and analysis of complex biological systems to support a diverse set of bioengineering projects.  For example, in collaboration with Prof. Neil Forbes we are modeling tumor metabolism and growth to predict the dependence of tumor growth on the metabolism of individual cells under normal conditions and chemotherapeutic treatment.  Our long-term goal is to develop in vivo tumor models that have the potential to predict therapeutic efficiency and can be used to design effective chemotherapeutic strategies.   With Prof. Lianhong Sun, we are developing an integrated experimental and modeling program for the synthetic design of bacterial quorum sensing systems.   We envision that these engineered systems will have a wide range of potential applications including microbial fermentation, chemical detection, and ecosystem analysis.


Research Interest

Potential Application

Dynamic Modeling of Tumor Metabolism and Growth (w/ N. Forbes)

Predict therapeutic efficiency and design of therapeutic strategies for breast cancers

Dynamic Modeling and Genome-Scale Analysis of Yeast Metabolism

Identify genetic manipulations and nutrient feeding policies that increase valuable metabolite production

Integrated Product and Process Design Strategies for Pharmaceutical Emulsions (w/ S. Bhatia and M. Malone)

Precise production of monodispersed pharmaceutical emulsions for controlled delivery of hydrophobic drugs

Molecular Modeling of Bacterial Quorum Sensing Systems (w/ L. Sun)

Guide design of engineered bacteria for applications in microbial fermentation, chemical detection, and ecosystem analysis

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Institute for Cellular Engineering
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