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Cell delivery applications strive to improve the health and quality of life for millions of people worldwide by restoring, maintaining, or enhancing tissue and organ function. UMass faculty research how stem cells differentiate to become various cell types, and how cells can be optimally introduced into the body. Encapsulation of cells in various matrices is being studied to maximize viability and functionality and minimize immune rejection. Techniques include optimization of material properties for mechanical strength and nutrient/oxygen transport, and promotion of cell-material interactions using nano-patterned surfaces to direct protein adsorption. Research goals include increasing hematopoietic stem cell supply for bone marrow transplantation and improved cell delivery methods for the successful implantation of artificially grown organs.

Study Areas

  • Surfactant and biopolymer solutions as drug delivery agents and models for biomembranes
  • Targeted control of inflammation
  • Signaling in oocyte development
  • Structured materials for cell encapsulation
  • Biomimetic materials for drug delivery, bio sensors, protein separations
  • Regulation of apoptosis and viability of transplanted cells
  • Hematopoietic stem cells and immune system development

Application Targets

  • Materials for soft tissue engineering
  • Stem cell expansion
  • Controlling cell differentiation
  • Tunable surfaces for drug delivery and biomedical implants
  • Heart repair using muscle stem cells

Thrust Leaders

Surita Bhatia
Janice Telfer

Affiliated Faculty

Surita Bhatia
Sam Black
James Chambers
Rafael Fissore
Daniel Hebert
Alejandro Heuck
Susan Roberts
Maria Santore
Jessica Schiffman
Lawrence Schwartz
S. "Thai" Thayumanavan
Janice Telfer

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