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Applied systems biology focuses on the development of new experimental tools for high-throughput metabolite analysis, establishment of novel approaches for genetically uncharacterized cell systems, application of quantitative techniques in the design of both metabolic- and genome-based models, and formulation of new techniques for microarray analysis.

Study Areas

  • Bacterial migration and segregation in solid tumors
  • Cell population modeling
  • Microbial engineering, microbial fuel cells, bioremediation
  • High-throughput metabolic profiling
  • Plant secondary metabolism and regulation

Application Targets

  • Improved treatments for cancer and other diseases
  • Creation of electricity from bacterial fuel cells
  • Bacterial pollution remediation
  • Increased cellular production of proteins and metabolites
  • Plant cell culture biotechnology

Thrust Leaders

Susan Roberts
Jennifer Normanly

Affiliated Faculty

Jeffrey Blanchard
Neil Forbes
Samuel Hazen
Michael Henson
Derek Lovley
Jennifer Normanly
Sandra Petersen
Shelly Peyton
Susan Roberts
Kimberly Tremblay
Elsbeth Walker

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