ICB3’s priorities include working with industry to:

  • Develop collaborative research opportunities that will enable industry-based and academic researchers to work together toward new discoveries and tools at the intersection of biological, statistical and computational sciences.
  • Address the educational needs of working scientists and their employers for ongoing training and education.
  • Provide the well-educated students that science-driven companies will need in increasing numbers.

We welcome industry interest and investment in our efforts. To better understand how we can work along these lines, we are committed to meeting with our peers in science-driven companies to learn more about their challenges and discover potential areas of mutual interest. If your company would be interest in arranging for such a meeting, please contact us.

In addition to our interest in exploring industry-ICB3 intersections, we are developing public and custom short courses to advance the training of industry researchers, graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and university faculty. Our first initiative is the Summer Training Institute in Reproducible Research with R, which is designed to support researchers in biomedical and social scientific disciplines to implement best practices for reproducible research using R.

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