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Venture Development

IALS Venture Development contributes to the fulfillment of the mission and vision of IALS by cultivating a diverse startup community that includes new ventures from “idea to Series A,” supporting the development of those ventures with IALS & Isenberg Business Innovation Fellows (I2BIF) teams and other resources, and facilitating connections throughout the campus, regional, state, and national innovation ecosystems that will help them to achieve key milestones, gain traction, and increase their capacity for success. Myriad opportunities for students in the I2BIF program and as technical founders of new ventures, prepare them for work in 21st century businesses, universities, and governmental organizations. For more information, email Karen Utgoff, director of IALS Venture Development, at

Start Ups

Collaborative Startup Community

IALS contributes to the creation and advancement of new ventures and product candidates based on discoveries from students, faculty mentors and their collaborators. This has led to the development of a vibrant and collaborative startup community.

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IALS & Isenberg Business Innovation Fellows

The IALS & Isenberg Business Innovation Fellows (I2BIF) program is the cornerstone of IALS venture development efforts. The program provides a venture mentoring environment for entrepreneurs and startups, by matching students with interest and expertise in innovation, with teams of scientists and engineers aiming to translate their research into innovative products and services.

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IALS serves as a hub for connecting new ventures with resources within the UMass Amherst community and the broader startup ecosystem that will enable them to thrive and create value.

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