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Roll-to-Roll Fabrication and Processing

Roll-to-Roll Fabrication and Processing Facility

The R2R Nano Lab provides a unique set of custom, moving web-based tools for the translation of advanced materials and nanomanufacturing processes to industrially relevant scalable platforms for the development of next generation life science innovations in biosensors, diagnostics, and platforms for personalized health monitoring. Custom R2R coating, lithography and printing tools (inkjet, aerosol jet, nano-emboss, photonic cure, atomic layer deposition (ALD)) utilizing nanomaterials advances for precision patterning and integration of novel compositional coatings having unprecedented functionalities will impact specified applications in biosensing, printed electronics, microfluidics, detection and monitoring of disease, and control of electro-magneto-optical imaging and detection systems. Combined with additional web-based tools for vacuum sputter deposition, reactive ion etching, wet chemistry, and interlayer alignment, the R2R Nano Lab provides access to an emerging set of tools found nowhere else.


Our mission is to enable the development of next-generation continuous large area manufacturing through the translation of advanced materials and nanofabrication processes to flexible, web-based tool sets. This combination of functionalized nanomaterials, patterning and alignment across multiple length-scales, and innovative integration strategies provides the necessary platform for industry adoption of these emerging technologies for future applications for flexible hybrid electronics including smart sensors, wearables, energy, and medical devices.

Roll to Roll Clean Room Labs

Dry and Wet labs enables process development under controlled environments for repeatable, reliable results. Dry room space further enable advanced materials development for applications such as batteries where moisture can cause detrimental outcomes.

Facility Staff

Jeff Morse, PhD
R2R Fabrication Director


S440 Life Science Laboratories
University of Massachusetts Amherst
240 Thatcher Road
Amherst, MA 01003