The University of Massachusetts Amherst
Roll to Roll Fabrication and Processing Facility

Roll-to-Roll Fabrication and Processing Facility

Located on the 4th floor in the Life Science Laboratories the Roll to Roll Fabrication facility provides a unique set of custom, moving web-based tools for the translation of advanced materials and nanomanufacturing processes to industrially relevant scalable platforms for the development of next generation life science innovations in biosensors, diagnostics, and platforms for personalized health monitoring. Combined with additional web-based tools for vacuum sputter deposition, reactive ion etching, wet chemistry, and interlayer alignment, providing access to an emerging set of tools not found anywhere else.

We offer training to users to develop processes and conduct experimentation for use on a fee for service basis to both internal and external researchers, academic or industry based. Following an initial consultation to better understand the user’s goals, process or device interests, suggested tool capabilities, experimental parameters, training and access is arranged through the director. Facility staff and faculty researchers are available to assist on an as-needed basis, or through collaborative programs leveraging targeted expertise.


Training for new users consists of:

  • lab safety training,
  • operation of the instrument and associated software,
  • use of data analysis software,
  • exporting or presenting data,
  • clean up and shutdown of the instrumentation.

Once the training is complete, users may schedule their activities and tool use with the director of R2R (Jeff Morse) or online through FOM (Facilities Online Manager) at