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Center for Bioactive Delivery

The Center for Bioactive Delivery integrates UMass Amherst's world class expertise in polymer, chemical, animal, food, regulatory, and analytical sciences to optimize drug and nutriceutical delivery. The Center emphasizes a systemic design approach to match a bioactive molecule's delivery needs to a solution using a knowledge base of delivery technologies performance characteristics, reversing traditional single carrier-centric approaches. By combining novel and traditional carrier platforms with robust analytic sciences to elucidate fundamental biophysical dynamics of delivery systems, Center researchers are working to transform bioactive delivery into a predictive science.

The delivery of bioactive materials and nutraceuticals to the appropriate cell, tissue or organ remains one of the greatest challenges in human health. The past few decades have seen impressive strides in the identification of numerous drug targets; however altering target activity may be beneficial in one situation or cell type while deleterious or toxic in another cell. In drug development, where many products with on-target efficacy fail due to delivery issues, this more quantitative approach has the potential to dramatically advance the field and lead to the development of new and novel drug delivery products.

Center multi-disciplinary research encompasses 11 departments and 34 faculty labs at UMass Amherst as well as partner labs at the Pioneer Valley Life Sciences Institute.