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The Institute for Applied Life Sciences enhances the campus’s engagement with industry by linking academic leaders in their field with regional industry strengths. Partnerships catalyze technology development so that scientific discoveries and innovations can be more swiftly translated into products and services to benefit the public.

More than 100 life science companies from across New England participated in the creation of the Institute plan. The plan generated a vision for the $95 million Mass Life Sciences Center capital funding which combines campus research strengths and insights regarding future opportunities with stakeholder interests in order to build world-class capabilities directed at global and regional life sciences impact. IALS continues the university’s track record of excellence in research and education while enhancing regional workforce and economic development by accelerating research innovation for new human-health related products and services.

Partnerships are developed through the UMass Innovation Institute (UMII), the campus's point of contact for industry. UMII can assist with research collaboration and access to UMass technologies. Learn more.

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