Industry Engagement

Start Ups

Collaborative Startup Community

IALS contributes to the creation and advancement of new ventures and product candidates based on discoveries from students, faculty mentors and their collaborators. This has led to the development of a vibrant and collaborative startup community.

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laboratory space


IALS offers shared laboratory space providing industry partners, entrepreneurs and startups affordable and scalable infrastructure, cutting-edge resources, and a network of researchers to collaborate and create groundbreaking initiatives that change the way we live and innovate.

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Core Facilities

UMass Core Facilities

Over 30 cutting-edge core facilities for precision manufacturing, characterization, human health monitoring, and cellular and molecular analysis. Competitive rates. Experienced professionals. Streamlined contracts.

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Industrial Sabbatical Program

Nationally-Renowned Expertise, Just a Few Steps Away. Short-term faculty appointment in your department of choice.

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