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Industry Engagement

Collaboration with Industry and Start Up Community

IALS seeks to become the catalyst for applied life science programs on campus and enable industry/academic alliances. To achieve this IALS is creating a ‘portfolio’ of translational life science projects based on faculty and student strengths in basic sciences on this campus and from collaborators. These Portfolio Highlights are regularly evaluated by a group of expert industry advisors that form Industry Advisory Boards (IABs) for each of the three Centers and for IALS overall, and also by a group of Business Innovation Fellows that provide business guidance to prioritized portfolio projects. Prioritized projects are also eligible for resourcing, and are advanced towards the development of product candidates.

IALS is also developing new business models for establishing win/win industry/academia collaborations based on the concept of risk-sharing. These models are being developed with a group of ‘Entrepreneurs-in-Residence’, and by the IALS Business Innovation Fellows in collaboration with the Isenberg School of Management and its Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship. Furthermore, IALS also provides an interface between industry and faculty/students.

Overall, these capabilities position UMass Amherst as a regional resource for applied life sciences, novel industry relationships, and economic development in Massachusetts.

IALS Collaboratories

Collaboratories are laboratory spaces providing industry partners, entrepreneurs and startups affordable and scalable infrastructure, cutting-edge resources, and a network of researchers to collaborate and create groundbreaking initiatives that change the way we live and innovate. 

UMass Core Facilities

Over 30 new core facilities with extensive capabilities including precision manufacturing with metal 3D printing and roll-to-roll fabrication, characterization of
components and devices, human health monitoring via whole-room calorimetry, infrared motion analysis, sleep and behavioral observation labs, and a 3 Tesla human MRI/S, and cellular and molecular analysis with mass spectrometry, analytical ultra-centrifugation, x-ray diffractometry, and super resolution microscopy. These cutting-edge facilities enable internal and external users the resources to enhance their R&D capabilities, address basic and translational questions, deliver technologies and product candidates more rapidly, receive advanced training, and become more competitive in obtaining state, federal, foundation, and private funding.

Industrial Sabbatical Program

Nationally-Renowned Expertise, Just a Few Steps Away.

  • Collaborate with IALS faculty.
  • Access to cutting-edge UMass core facilities, managed by highly-specialized core facility directors.
  • Attend special seminars and guest lecture series in IALS-associated departments.
  • Participate in laboratory module courses.
  • Make use of the state-of-the-art IALS Collaboratories in the Life Science Laboratories.

Connect. Explore. Make a Difference.

  • Short-term faculty appointment in your department of choice.
  • Guest lecturing opportunities through:
  • Departmental seminar series
  • IALS seminar series and events
  • Graduate courses–such as Drug Design (Biochemistry) and Frontiers of Biotechnology (Chemistry)
  • Mentor a Biotechnology Training Program (BTP) student as part of the student’s on-campus internship.
  • Explore Amherst and Northampton. Take advantage of the cultural, artistic, and intellectual resources of the five-college area, and the charms of a small town.