IALS Clinical Testing Center


Core Facilities Seminar

James Garner, PhD candidate in Department of Environmental Conservation–Using Passive Genetic Tools - Environmental DNA (eDNA) - to Estimate the Seasonal Abundance of Three Migratory (Diadromous) Fish Species

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The IALS Clinical Testing Center (ICTC) is a unique facility offering both clinical and research-grade high-throughput sample processing and analysis. The equipment and technical services provided by ICTC are unique to anything else available on the UMass Amherst campus and surrounding areas.

This facility accepts both clinical and research samples for high-throughput projects requiring liquid-handling steps such as simple pipetting, microplate washing, nucleic acid extraction, and much more. There is also high-throughput capacity for qPCR assay design and analyses, as well as microplate reading.

The facility accepts samples and will perform requested sample prep and/or analyses. Following an initial consultation, covering experimental parameters is arranged through the director.

Hamilton Automated Liquid Handling Platform

  Campus Users Other Academic Institutions  
Hourly Rates
COVID-19 PCR test $25 $45  
COVID-19 ELISA Antibody test $45 $80  
COVID-19 Neutralizing Antibody test $50 $90
Equipment: BioRad CFX384 $15 $30
Equipment: Hamilton MagEx $100 $145
Equipment: Hamilton PCR prep $75 $120  
RNA/DNA Extraction $2.50/sample $4/sample  
qPCR set up w/analysis (basic) $3/sample $5/sample  
qPCR set up w/analysis (advanced) $5/sample $7/sample  
Tech Time $50/hour $100/hour  
Supervisor Time $75/hour $150/hour  

Rates will be adjusted every fiscal year, so they are subject to change, contact facility to verify current fees.