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Human Testing Center

Human Testing Center

Located on the 3rd floor in the Life Science Laboratories the Human Testing Center (HTC) is comprised of five core facilities:

Equipment in the HTC allows for the comprehensive investigation of physiological, biomechanical and behavioral studies.

Michael joined IALS as the founding director of the Human Testing Center having completed two postdoctoral fellowships - one in biomechanics and the other in physical activity monitoring. Michael has a wide range of research experience across many domains of human study including: biomechaics, motor control, exercise physiology, and physical activity and health. Michael holds a BS in Engineering from the University of Poetland, MS in Exercise Physiology from Eastern Michigan University, and a PhD in Biomechanics/Motor Control from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
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Facility Staff

Michael BusaMichael Busa, Director
(413) 577-0574

Rebecca Spencer
Sleep Lab Facilities Director

S360 Life Science Laboratories
University of Massachusetts Amherst
240 Thatcher Road
Amherst, MA 01003