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Human Motion

Human Motion

Designed and equipped for assessment of human movement (with and without robotic assistance) and the evaluation of wearable technologies that aimed at quantify motion human. The Human Motion Lab is a large open space (38’ x 20’) with a 10’ ceiling and is located within the Human Testing Center. Having the Human Motion Lab located within the Human Testing Center allows us to conduct a wide variety of studies evaluating the effects and interactions of human motion with behavior, sleep, aerobic fitness, strength, body composition and muscle function.

The lab is equipped with nine high speed infrared motion analysis cameras, three force platforms and a collaborative robot arm. The equipment in the Human Motion Lab enables precision evaluation of human motion and the forces acting on and within body during movement. This equipment in the Human Motion Lab also provides the capability to assess and validate wearable technologies aimed to quantify biomechanical targets relevant to movement or balance. Knowledge gained by the study of human motion provides specifications and targeted outcomes for biomechanically assistive devices aimed to improve or restore motion. A featured piece of equipment in the Human Motion Lab is the KUKA LBR iiwa robot arm. The KUKA LBR is one of the most advanced and sensitive robotic arms available, and can be used to interact directly with people. It is used to enhance understanding of human-machine interaction with a focus on for improved medical rehabilitation techniques and the manufacturing and validation of assistive devices. The combination of this interactive robot with a motion capture system is a unique capability in the world. The robot also allows for characterization of sensor technologies through emulation of human movement for stability or variability testing.

  • (9) Qualysys Oqus Infrared Motion Capture System [(8) Oqus 700 (1) Oqus 500 (video)]
  • (3) AMTI Force Platforms [(2) 600mm x 600mm, (1) 1200mm x 600mm]
  • KUKA LBR iiwa 14-R820 robot arm
  Campus Users Other Academic Institutions Industry
Motion Capture $35/hour $65/hour $70/hour
Kuka Robot $15/hour $25/hour $30/hour
(per trainee)
$75/hour $100/hour $130/hour
Technician $75/hour $100/hour $130/hour
Rates are subject to change, contact facility to verify current fees.
*costs reflect the use of equipment by a PI/Partner furnished staff who have been certified for use by the Core Director, if staffing is required additional rates will apply.
Updated March 13, 2017

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