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Illumina MiSeq Sequencing System

Genomics Resource Laboratory


Discounted IDT pricing through UMass Amherst Genomics Resource Lab Portal. Available to all Five College Campuses!

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Located on the 3rd floor in the Morrill Science Center the Genomics Resource Laboratory (GRL) provides services and advanced instrumentation support for nucleic acid (DNA and RNA) analysis.

The GRL provides a suite of services to address your high-throughput next-generation sequencing, including solutions for sample processing such as nucleic-acid isolation, nucleic-acid quantitative and qualitative analysis, NGS library preparation, quantitative-PCR analysis, etc.

We provide a sample processing and library preparation such as whole genome sequencing, shotgun metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, targeted amplicon sequencing, RNA-Seq, ChIP-Seq, Exome Sequencing, Methyl-seq, Single Cell Genomics, etc., to address your NGS projects.

The facility accepts samples and will perform requested analysis. We offer training to users to conduct experimentation for use on a fee for service basis to both internal and external researchers, academic or industry based.

Following an initial consultation, covering experimental parameters training and access is arranged through the director.

What Makes Us Unique

  • Library preparation
    • Whole genome sequencing
    • Shotgun metagenomics
    • Metatranscriptomics
    • 16S/18S rRNA amplicon library prep
    • RNA-Seq
    • ChIP-Seq
    • Other library preps
  • DNA and RNA isolation
  • Illumina NextSeq 500 Sequencing System

    High-throughput sequencer with quick turnaround time, capable of generating up to 120 Gb data, with 800 million paired-end sequencing reads and 150 bp read length. Used for large whole genome sequencing projects, Methyl-Seq, RNA-Seq, exome sequencing projects, etc.

  • Fluidigm C1 Single-Cell Auto Prep System

    The innovative C1 system carefully isolates single cells into individual reaction chambers in the exclusive Fluidigm integrated fluidic circuit (IFC). The optically clear IFC lets you automatically stain captured cells and examine them by microscopy for viability, surface markers or reporter genes. After staining, cells are automatically lysed and template is quickly prepared for qPCR or sequencing analysis—all in as little as four hours.

  • Bioruptor Pico Sonicator System

    Sonication device for shearing DNA and RNA for NGS applications. Optimized for volumes of 20 - 100 μl.

  • BluePippin, Sage Science

    DNA size selection system, capable of selecting to 100 bp – 50 kb for NGS applications. Has integrated pulsed-field electrophoresis for resolving and collecting high molecular weight DNA for PacBio library prep as well.

  • Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer

    Used for sizing, quantitation and quality control of DNA, RNA, and proteins.

  • FastPrep-24 5G Sample Homogenizer (MP Biomedicals)

    An advanced, high-speed benchtop homogenizer used for lysis of any type of cells, tissues, bacteria, fungi, plants, soil samples, etc.

  • Qubit 3.0 Fluorometer

    Used for the quantitation of DNA, RNA, microRNA, and protein, using the highly sensitive and accurate fluorescence-based assays. Used widely for NGS applictions.

  • Eppendorf epMotion 5070 Liquid Handling Workstation

    Used for routine applications which involves automated pipetting systems such as serial dilutions, reagent distribution, sample transfer from tubes to plates, and sample normalization. to assist with nucleic-acid isolation, nucleic-acid quantitative and qualitative analysis, NGS library preparation, quantitative-PCR analysis, etc.

  • Agilent Mx3005P qPCR System

    High-performance real-time qPCR system. Ideal for a wide variety of applications and chemistries. It has four optical channels, allowing multiplexing with most fluorescent dyes.

  • Thermo Scientific Savant DNA120 SpeedVac

    High-performance concentrator for efficient concentration, and drying of small-volume DNA or RNA samples.

Other Services

GRL maintains Supply Center and Freezer Program located in Morrill 4, N214. Bio-Rad, New England Biolab (coming soon).
GRL and Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) have created a portal for Discounted Primer orders. Visit for more information

Training/Tech Fee $60/hour
2100 Bioanalyzer Machine $30/assay
2100 Bioanalyzer DNA 1000, 7500, 12000 assay $95/assay
2100 Bioanalyzer DNA HS assay $115/assay
2100 Bioanalyzer RNA 6000 nano assay $120/assay
2100 Bioanalyzer RNA 6000 pico assay $125/assay
2100 Bioanalyzer Small RNA assay $150/assay
Qubit Machine $12/hour
Qubit dsDAN BR, dsDNA HS, RNA BR, RNA HS $4/assay
qPCR machine $20/run
Bioruptor Pico machine $20/hour
Bioruptor Pico sample processing $4/sample
Savant SpeedVac DNA120 machine $20/hour
Fast Prep-24 5G machine $20/hour
BluePippin machine $25/assay
BluePippin sample prep $35/sample
MiSeq Reagent Nano Kit v2 (300 Cycle kit) (51 SE, 51 PE, 101 SE, 201 SE, 201 SE, 301 SE, 151 PE) $525/assay
MiSeq Reagent Nano Kit v2 (500 Cycle kit) (201 PE, 251 PE) $600/assay
MiSeq Reagent Micro Kit v2 (300 Cycle kit) (51 SE, 101 SE, 201 SE 301 SE, 151 PE) $700/assay
MiSeq Reagent kit v2 (50 Cycle kit) (25 SE, 51 SE, 25 PE) $1,120/assay
MiSeq Reagent kit v2 (300 Cycle kit) (76 SE, 75 PE, 101 SE) $1,360/assay
MiSeq Reagent kit v2 (300 Cycle kit) (151 PE, 251 SE, 201 SE, 301 SE) $1,410/assay
MiSeq Reagent kit v2 (500 Cycle kit) (201 PE, 251 SE, 251 PE) $1,510/assay
MiSeq Reagent Kit v3 (150 Cycle kit) (51 SE, 101 SE, 75 PE, 151 SE) $1,200/assay
MiSeq Reagent kit v3 (600 Cycle kit) (101 PE, 201 SE, 251 SE) $1,910/assay
MiSeq Reagent kit v3 (600 Cycle kit) (125 PE, 201 PE, 251 PE, 301 PE) $2,100/assay
NextSeq 500 Mid-150 kit (26 SE, 51 SE, 76 SE, 100 SE 125 SE, 151 SE, 75 PE) $1,425/assay
NextSeq 500 Mid-300 kit (125 PE, 151 PE) $2,100/assay
NextSeq 500 High-75 kit (26 SE, 51 SE, 26 PE, 75 SE) $1,850/assay
NextSeq 500 High-150 kit (101 SE, 151 SE, 51 PE, 75 PE) $3,250/assay
NextSeq 500 High-300 kit (101 PE, 125 PE) $5,100/assay
NextSeq 500 High-300 kit (151 PE) $5,200/assay
Library Prep: DNA (Shotgun Metagenome / Genome, ChIP, RAD-Seq) $120/sample
Library Prep: Total RNA (no rRNA reduction, no poly-A capture) $250/sample
Library Prep: mRNA, - poly-A capture, non-stranded (human, mouse, rat) $275/sample
Library Prep: mRNA, - poly-A capture, stranded (human, mouse, rat) $285/sample
Library Prep: mRNA, rRNA depleted, non-stranded (human, mouse, rat) $325/sample
Library Prep: mRNA, rRNA depleted, stranded (human, mouse, rat) $330/sample
Library Prep: mRNA, bacterial rRNA depeleted, non-stranded (for microbial RNAseq) $340/sample
Library Prep: QuantSeq 3′ mRNA-Seq Kit FWD or Rev for Illumina $100/sample
Library Prep: Bacterial Targeted Amplicon (16S rRNA) Amplified target provided by PI $30/sample
Library Prep: Bacterial Targeted Amplicon (16S rRNA) $50/sample
Library Prep: Small RNA (microRNA) $250/sample
NGS Library QC and DNA/RNA QC $25/sample
DNA Isolation $20/sample
RNA isolation $40/sample
MiSeq Unassisted $135/day
NextSeq 500 Unassisted $200/day
Rates are subject to change, contact facility to verify current fees.
Updated September 6, 2017

Bio-Rad Freezer Program (product stock list)

Training for new users consists of:

  • lab safety training as mandated by UMass EH&S,
  • operation of the instrument and associated software,
  • use of data analysis software,
  • exporting or presenting data,
  • clean up and shutdown of the instrumentation.

Once the training is complete,researchers may schedule their experiments through the directorof the GRL (Ravi Ranjan) or onlinethrough FOM (Facilities OnlineManager) at

Volunteer Position

The Genomics Research Laboratory at Institute for Applied Life Sciences, is looking for volunteer(s) to assist with day to day routine lab activities, managing inventory and instruments, assisting with protocol development (schedule and experience permitting). Ideal for students who are looking forward to pursue research. For more information visit

Requirements: Undergraduate (freshman) preferred with biology back ground. Flexible lab hours. Lab hours can be coordinated with class schedule. Please note this is temporary and an unpaid position. Interested candidates please send CV at with subject heading: GRL_Volunteer_(your name)

For further information contact
Ravi Ranjan, PhD,
Director, Genomics Research Laboratory
Morrill 1, N330
Phone Office: 413-577-4501

Facility Staff

Ravi Ranjan
Director/Senior Research Fellow
Genomics facility email -
Office:  (413) 577-4501
Lab:  (413) 577-4502


N330 Morrill I
University of Massachusetts Amherst
637 North Pleasant Street
Amherst, MA 01003


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