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Device Fabrication (Cleanroom)


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Designed to have CMOS processing technologies to serve as a key enabler towards personalized healthcare and preemptive medicine. Specifically, we aim to develop smart and miniature devices, circuits and systems with biomedical applications such as biosensing, DNA sequencing and smart implanting. This facility supports both discovery-based research and translational research that leads to the development of new research tools for life sciences.

  • CHA Mark 50 Ebeam Evaporator

    CHA Mark 50 Systems have become the industry standard for high vacuum deposition systems. Simplicity in design, ease of operation and unmatched reliability make the Mark 50 an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. The Mark 50's horizontal 32" by 32" water-cooled cylindrical chamber simplifies loading and unloading. The unique slide down front door minimizes floor space requirements and a rear door offers easy chamber access from behind for convenient through the wall mounting. SECS/GEM and CE compliant.

  • Technic SEMCON 1000

    Technic's SEMCON 1000 is the latest design of dependable, wet bench wafer metallization tools for the semiconductor industry. The SEMCON 1000 wet bench performs critical electroplating operations with a high degree of uniformity and repeatability on industry standard and non-standard substrates, including Si, GaAs, InP, and other glass-type substrates. Our equipment engineering and chemical process teams work together to provide the optimal SEMCON tool configuration for each specific application.

  • SB6 Gen2 SUSS MicroTec Wafer Bonder

    With the SB6 Gen2 SUSS MicroTec provides a semi-automated platform for multiple bonding processes. Handling wafers up to 200mm as well as various shapes and types of substrates the SB6/8 Gen2 presents itself as flexible tool for various applications and process environments. The SB6/8 Gen2 is suitable for packaging as well structuring meeting the requirements for MEMS, LED, advanced packaging, 2,5D integration and 3D integration.

    The SB6/8 Gen2 permits an easy switch from R&D to pilot production and finally volume manufacturing.

  • AJA ATC-M Series Multi-Technique System

    AJA International ATC-M Series Multi-Technique Systems are versatile tools that combine various thin film deposition, ion milling and analytical operations in a single chamber (Hybrid Systems) or in multiple chambers (Multi-Chamber Systems) to allow the in-situ transfer of substrates from process to process without breaking vacuum.

  • Oxford PlasmaPro 100 Cobra ICP Etch Systems

    Highly configurable inductively coupled plasma (ICP) Etching Systems

  • Class 10 Hood


  Campus Users Other Academic Institutions Industry
Annual Access $1,200/year $1,500/year $2,500/year
Additional Users (charged to 2nd and subsequent listed users under a user paying the annual access fee) $60/month $75/month $95/month
R to R Nano Imprinter $400/day $600/day $800/day
R to R Coater $200/day $400/day $600/day
Equipment Usage $40/hour $40/hour $65/hour
Technical Assistance $40/hour $40/hour $65/hour
Special Materials and Processes $50/process $50/process $50/process
Rates are subject to change, contact facility to verify current fees.

FY21 Specialized Service Center Approved Fees

An Authorization Form must be on file with IALS before the use of research equipment. Please complete this form.
Device Fabrication - Authorization for Recharges

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