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Device Characterization facility

Device Characterization Laboratory

Provides gold-standard verification of wearable and point-of-care devices and other medical devices. This lab offers a full suite of mechanical testing capabilities to fully characterize materials, manufacturing processes, and their fabricated devices.

ElectroPuls  10000

Coordinate Measuring Machine

The ElectroPuls 10000 machine high accuracy material property testing under large linear and torsion loads and at high strain. Using the system a material or device’s material and fatigue responses can be tested to ensure the desired behavior

GFP 1500

Full Field Strain Measurement System

The GFP 1500 allows location specific characterization of stress and strain, allowing a designer to finely adjust their design to withstand loads and validate engineering models. The part is painted with a photoelastic coating, and then illuminated with circularly polarized light. The light  becomes elliptically polarized proportional to maximum shear strain at the object surface.

3DS Capture

3-D Scanner

The Capture 3D scanner allows rapid characterization of the surface geometry and shape of an object. The scanner allows rapid creation of a digital model of a physical object. Industrial uses include fields as varied as quality control, orthotics, and prosthetics. Though not as accurate as a coordinate measuring machine, the 3D scanner requires no physical contact.

  Campus Users Other Academic Institutions Industry
Instron E10000 Dynamic Force Tester $25/hour $34/hour $45/hour
Nikon CMM $20/hour $26/hour $34/hour
Stress Photonics Full Field Strain Profiler $10/hour $14/hour $18/hour
KLA Surface Roughness Tester $10/hour $13/hour $17/hour
Capture 3D Scanner $5/hour $7/hour $9/hour
TEC Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester $8/hour $11/hour $14/hour
Consultation $45/hour $64/hour $84/hour
Rates are subject to change, contact facility to verify current fees.
Updated May 31, 2017
Facility Staff

Doug EddyDoug Eddy
(413) 577-4540

Sundar KrishnamurtySundar Krishnamurty


S465A Life Science Laboratories
University of Massachusetts Amherst
240 Thatcher Road
Amherst, MA 01003

  • The ADDFab and Device Characterization labs together provide the ability to design, control, and evaluate the 3D printing process specific to our requirements for developing the next generation of prosthetic components as well as embed smart sensing structures into the parts. Together the 2-axis Instron testing machine along with the Stress Photonics photoelastic strain measurement system enables the evaluation of new soft sensors we are creating to measure the physical contact between robots and people in collaborative work situations.”

    —Frank C. Sup, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering