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The links below are for core facility directors and users, including links to important institutional policies and forms, as well as several external links to organizations who advocate for core facilities and shared resources.

Core Facilities Seminar Series

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Customer Feedback

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Industry Engagement Forms

Core Master Agreement Template

Core Master Agreement Order Form Template

Core Master Agreement Visitor Form Template

Confidential Information Agreement (NDA)

All Cores Rates

All Cores Rates Listing

Speedtype Authorization Form

Authorization for Recharges

User Authorization Form

UMass Resources

Export Control, Dan Sacco - (413) 545-3468

UMass Innovation Institute, Jim Capistran - (413) 577-1518

UMass Libraries

Copyright and Information Policy Librarian, Laura Quilter -

Open Access and Institutional Repository Librarian, Erin Jerome -

Data Services Librarian, Thea Atwood -

Science and Engineering Librarian - Paulina Borrego -

Scholarworks @ UMassAmherst

A&F Policies & Forms

Office of Financial and Cost Analysis

Service Center Rate Review Template

Environment Health & Safety (EH&S)

Important Safety Sites for the University

UMass Amherst Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)

Searchable MSDS Database

UMass Amherst Hazardous Waste Pickup, Online Request

Safety Training

Faculty, postdoctorals, graduate students, undergraduates, and non-student research assistants and staff who work in teaching and research labs are expected to be familiar with this material, and to carry out annual re-certification of their knowledge of this material. Failure to do so can lead to summary disbarring from access to working laboratories until certification has been confirmed.

Laboratory Health & Safety Manual

Instructions for Online Training

All Safety Training

Important Policies (All Labs)

Safety Manuals

SOPs and Guidelines

Lab Cleanout/Decommissioning

Fact Sheets

Required Forms (All Labs)

Lab Coat Form

Lab Accident Form

Emergency Eyewash/Shower Inspection Checklist

Hazardous Waste Accumulation Inspection Checklist


Student Employment

If you are looking for a work-study or non-work-study student, go to the undergraduate Student Employment Office (SEO).