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The Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS) will transform life science discoveries into candidate products and services in collaboration with industry to improve human health and well being. IALS extends specific identified research strengths at UMass through its three centers: The Models to Medicine Center, the Center for Bioactive Delivery, and the Center for Personalized Health Monitoring.


Models to Medicine Center leverages mechanistic insights into molecular pathways implicated in cell health and in disease pathology to identify novel drug targets and therapeutic candidates. Specific translational research themes include:


Center for Bioactive Delivery creates new ways to deliver “The right drug to the right place: by creating novel delivery platforms for small and large molecules.” Faculty in CBD have developed a wide range of delivery platforms which they match to bioactive molecular delivery needs based on fundamental design principles. These carrier platforms include nanoemulsions, nanoparticles, hybrid particles, bacteria, and hydrogels. Within these broad platforms lipid-based emulsions, metals, polymers, proteins, and/or polysaccharides are being used to develop new carriers. Applications include novel, nanomaterial-enabled, cell specific delivery for cancer and autoimmune diseases, and nanoparticle-based, high content cell-based screening technology to rapidly identify drug mechanisms. Specific translational clusters include:


Center for Personalized Health Monitoring accelerates the commercialization of low-cost, multi-function, wearable wireless sensor systems for personalized health care and biometric monitoring through its world-leading research, partnerships, and demonstration facility. Specific translational clusters include: