Staff Directory

Name Email Unitsort descending
Bowen, Marie Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor
Los, Ted Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor
Beaubien, Al Office of the Assistant Vice Chancellor
Campbell, Yvonne Employment Office
Jimenez, Carmen Employment Office
Desmarais, Marcy Employment Office
Etinde, Ginger Employment Office
Moes, Leslie Total Compensation
Mitchell, Alyce Total Compensation
Teres, Donald Labor Relations
Desormier, Susan Labor Relations
Marshall, Nicholas Labor Relations
Siwy, Louise Payroll
McInerney, Kathie Payroll
Libertine, Brenda Payroll
Berry, Linda Payroll
Beaubien, Susan Payroll
Sadowski, Lois Payroll
Bryant, Kathleen HR Personnel Processing
Watson, Ann HR Personnel Processing
Prouty, Lisa HR Personnel Processing
Cendrowski, Tim HR Personnel Processing
Bombardier, Christopher HR Personnel Processing
Kehler, Vanessa Workplace Learning & Development
Arsenault, Margaret Workplace Learning & Development
Scheid Frantz, Melissa Workplace Learning & Development
Papierski, Paul Workplace Learning & Development
Pleasant, Kelly Benefits
Shimel, Dorothy Benefits
Moriarty, Kristen Benefits
Lesenski, Leesa Benefits
Mitchell, Alyce Benefits
Grzych, Randy Benefits
Ives, Beth Benefits
Macsuga, Laura Benefits
Ho, Linda Cash Compensation and Job Classification
March, Margaret Cash Compensation and Job Classification
Mitchell, Alyce Cash Compensation and Job Classification
Tetna, Markus Cash Compensation and Job Classification
Griffin, Ph.D., Corey Faculty Staff Assistance Program
Scott, M.S.W., Ed.D., Tim Faculty Staff Assistance Program
Brodigan, Amy Labor Management Workplace Education
Santa Anna, Gloria Labor Management Workplace Education
Fortino, Francis Labor Management Workplace Education
Fraser, Leslie Labor Management Workplace Education
Vasquez-Alexander, Valerie Labor Management Workplace Education
Connolly, Joseph Labor Management Workplace Education