Job Change

Transfer to a Different Position

In order for you to transfer an employee to a different position, you will need a vacant position. Each benefited position has a designated position number:
work location data screenshot

Before you go through the search procedure, please ensure that the Form 30 or position description is accurate. You should send it to Compensation for review (through your management chain of command) if:

  1. There is a significant change in duties and responsibilities.
  2. The position data is overridden (the grey box below Position Number, circled in red in the above image, states “Use Position Data”).
  3. There is a change in qualifications.

Once the position is properly classified, you can conduct your search. For more information on search procedures, please see HR Personnel Processing. You may also reference the specific contract:

When you have selected your employee to fill the position, you will need to fill out a Personnel Action Form either on-line or on paper and forward it through the approval process to Human Resources. Be sure to include the employee identification number and the position number among other things.

Reallocation of a Position

Changes in duties and responsibilities of a position may result in a change of classification and/or grade level. In this case, the incumbent employee can experience a job change without changing position. Please bear in mind that more work does not result in change of classification or grade level. It will likely result in overtime. Of course, overtime is not compensable for exempt employees. A change in tools and methods is also unlikely to change classification or grade level. For example, if a position is responsible for performing work using Blackboard computer system and administration changed system to something else, the duties remain similar. We are merely using a different system.

When there is a significant changes in the nature of the position or a reorganization, management can request a review of the position. The following documents are required:

  1. Cover memorandum making the request for a position review
  2. Existing position description (Form 30)
  3. Proposed position description
  4. Organization chart (in the event of a reorganization, both existing and proposed organization charts are required)

The documents should be approved through the chain of command to the Executive Area Administrative Officer, upon whose approval will be forwarded to Human Resources for review.

If a change is recommended, one of two scenarios is possible:

  1. The position will be reallocated to a higher level. In this case, you will need to prepare a Personnel Action Form to promote the incumbent employee in accordance with instructions provided.
  2. The position will be reallocated to a lower level. In this case, the incumbent employee retains the current salary and grade. The employee record will be disconnected with the position. When the employee vacates the position, you should forward the position description to Human Resources for review prior to conducting a search.

If a change is not recommended, you should have the employee initial Form 30, initial it and forward a copy to Human Resources. The procedure for exempt professional employees is quite similar and can be found in Section II. B., paragraph (iii) of the Professional Staff Salary Administration Program Handbook.