International Taxes and Tax Treaties

International employees from countries with tax treaties may be eligible for exemption from withholdings. As a University employee the income you earn is taxable under both federal and state statute. If you are a non-U.S. resident, you may be eligible for a Tax Treaty. A Tax Treaty is an approved tax agreement between your country of primary residence and the United States. To register your Tax Treaty status, make an appointment with a Human Resource Representative.

Make Your Tax Treaty Appointment Online

International employees may make an appointment with a Human Resource representative when they receive their social security card or to renew their tax treaty status. Use our international employee calendar to make your appointment online.

1042-S Forms

If you are a non-resident alien employee who has claimed exemption from income tax withholding based on a tax treaty, your exempt treaty wages will be reported on a 1042-S form. Your taxable wages (if applicable) will be reported on a W-2 form. If you were not a U.S. citizen, or U.S. resident for some portion of the tax year, and you received a vendor payment or certain scholarships and awards, you may receive one or more 1042-S forms. The 1042-S forms will be distributed to the non-resident alien employees separately from the W-2 forms. They are usually distributed by the date required by the IRS which is usually March 15.