Instructions for All Benefited Employees

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All Benefited Employees

Tuition Credit/Remission Benefits

529 Savings Plan

Fidelity, MEFA’s U Fund, the Massachusetts 529 college savings plan

GIC Health insurance for dependent(s):

Dependent children can be covered under your health insurance, dental and vision plans up through end of the month that they turn age 26. If your dependent is not living within your health plan’s network area your plan provides emergency and maintenance coverage (eg, regular counseling services, prescription benefits) and your dependent is expected to seek regularly scheduled wellness exams when he or she is at home (in network area).

Please note: if your child is not a full-time student you must notify the GIC timely using the Dependent Age 19 to 26 Enrollment and Change Form. Your dependent child must live within the network area of your health plan (link to GIC BDG map ) in order to be eligible for continued coverage. If upon transition from full-time student status your dependent child is not living within your plan’s network area you may either:

  1. change your health insurance plan in order to continue providing coverage, or
  2. provide written proof that your dependent child has coverage under another health insurance plan and cancel GIC coverage (form available at the Human Resources Employee Service Center.)

More information available from the Group Insurance Commission.

When your child turns 26 years of age you may continue his/her coverage for up to 18 months under COBRA. The GIC will mail a COBRA notice to your home upon loss of coverage (GIC COBRA form). Contact your dental plan administrator for related COBRA information.

If your dependent child is disabled and was disabled before 18 years of age, you may apply to continue his/her GIC coverage. Please work directly with the GIC to begin this process.

The GIC Enrollment/Change and IDF forms must be submitted through the UMass HRESC; the HRESC staff can assist you with your forms and questions.