Instructions for AFSCME, PSU/MTA Unit A, PSU/MTA Unit B, Non-Unit Classified, Non-unit Exempt from Overtime, IBPO, NEPBA, USA/MTA

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Non-Unit Classified
Non-unit Exempt from Overtime

Classified Employees

When a Classified AFSCME, USA/MTA or Non-Unit employee is promoted to a position of a higher grade level, s/he will receive a salary increase to the same step in the higher grade. For example, a Clerk III (grade 11) currently being paid at Step 4 applies for and is awarded a Clerk IV (grade 13) position. His/her salary will be Step 4 of grade 13 effective the date of the promotion.

When a Professional Staff Union/Unit B (PSU/B) or International Brotherhood of Police Officers (IBPO) employee is promoted to a position of a higher grade level, s/he will receive a salary increase based on the following:

  1. Determine the employee's current salary rate (and step).
  2. Find the next higher step within the salary grade. If the employee is at the maximum rate, multiple that by 1.04.
  3. Compare that with the rates in the grade to which the employee is being promoted.
  4. The employee's new salary rate is the first rate in the higher grade level that is at least equal to the resultant sum above.

To reference the contract(s), click on the union link and locate the appropriate article/section:

AFSCME        Article 17    Section 2 C

IBPO               Article 12    Section 3 B

PSU Unit B     Article 30    Section 30.2 B

USA/MTA      Article 14    Section  2 B

Employees exempt from overtime

Employees belonging to the Professional Staff Union Unit A who are promoted will receive salary increases in accordance with Section II B., paragragh ii of the Professional Staff Salary Administration Program Handbook. A promotion is defined as changing positions to one that is at a higher grade level. A salary increase can range from no less than 6% and up to 14% depending on the number of grades promoted.

Non-Unit employees who are exempt from overtime being promoted to a positon with a higher grade level may receive a salary increase of 6% but normally not to exceed 10%.

Benefits considerations

If you have optional life insurance, the amount and cost may increase if your base salary has increased. Automatic increases in multiples of 1 – 8 times your annual base salary may cause the optional life insurance death benefit amount to increase thereby the monthly cost to increase. However, if your optional life insurance amount is a fixed amount, the cost of the insurance based on your age bracket rate will be unchanged. Please see GIC Employee Guide.

Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance benefit will increase if your base salary has increased. Once determined to be eligible (on the 91st day) for LTD the benefit is 55% of your current monthly income, subject to the limits described in the UNUM Plan Summary.

Change in Bargaining Unit

When there is a change in bargaining units, most provisions within the contract do not apply. Please see the section on Job Changes.