AFSCME Step Calculation on Demotion Agreement

This memorandum of agreement is between the UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS (hereinafter “University”) and the AMERICAN FEDERATION OF STATE COUNTY AND MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES, COUNCIL 93, AFL-CIO, Local 1776 (hereinafter “Union”) and contains the following terms and conditions:

  1. Any employee who as a result of a reduction in force (layoff) is demoted in grade shall have his/her salary calculated as step to step, unless the employee’s year’s of service in the job grade to which he she is demoted, or in the employee’s higher job grade(s) equates to a higher step.
  2. Am employee who is laid off and recalled or rehired during the applicable recall period shall have their service bridged for purposes of placement on the step schedule only.
  3. This agreement shall be effective on July 1, 2003 and shall apply retroactively only to those employees identified in writing by the employer and the Union and in no case shall it apply to anyone whose effective date of layoff is earlier than January 1, 2002.