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Current M.A. Students

This page is intended to give a sense of the range and focus of graduate student research in our department. You may write to current students care of the Department of History, Herter Hall, University of Massachusetts, 161 Presidents Drive, Amherst, MA 01003-9312. View graduate student office hours here.


Thamyris Almeida

Fields: Modern Latin America, Colonial Latin America, Global History
Faculty: Joel Wolfe
Education: B.A. History, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Interests: Yoga, music, the Internet.





Janelle Bourgeois

Education: B.A, History, University of Massachusetts Lowell (2013)


Katherine Garland

Fields: Public History, Early American Religious History
Faculty: David Glassberg, Rob Cox
Education: BA in History, Messiah College, 2012

Interests: I am particularly interested in how public historians talk about the history of religion, as my research centers on early American religious history. In summer 2013, I was a Buchanan/Burnham fellow at the Newport Historical Society in Rhode Island. To help celebrate the 350th anniversary of Rhode Island's charter which granted religious toleration to the colony's inhabitants, I composed a series of essays about the history of religion in the colony. My essays can be found at:

I am also pursuing a certificate in Arts Management through the Arts Extension Service here at UMass. Taking classes in financial management, board development, marketing, and the like will prepare me to run a non-profit institution when I graduate.



Rose Gallenberger

Fields: Early America, Public History, Early Modern Europe
Faculty: Sam Redman
Education: B.A. History, Wisconsin Lutheran College (2014)

Interests: Revolutionary America, German Americans, Material Culture, Eighteenth Century Western History




Matthew Herrera

Fields: Modern America, Global History, Landscape and Memory
Faculty: Christian Appy
Education: BA, Humboldt State University, 2013
Interests: Changing perceptions of the Vietnamese during the Vietnam War in the eyes of the Americans. In particular, looking at the way American views of the Vietnamese landscape and people shifted during the war as it raged on through sensory and emotional approaches in history. French Imperialism during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Michael Holmes



Emily Hunter

Fields: 19th and 20th Century U.S. History (Emphasis on Women's History), Public History, European History
Faculty: Marla Miller
Education: B.A. History, State University of New York at Oneonta, 2013
Interests: Growing up in Cooperstown, NY, home to several museums and to the New York State Historical Association Library, I developed an appreciation for public history at a young age. Throughout my middle and high school years, I enjoyed working as a volunteer interpreter at The Farmers' Museum, a living history museum which recreates life in an 1840s village. As a history major at the State University of New York at Oneonta, I began to focus my passion for public history on archives and special collections libraries. Through an internship at the New York State Historical Association Library and as an intern and researcher in the archives at my university's Milne Library, I accessioned and created catalogues for archival materials, conducted oral history interviews, compile materials for library publications, and participated in outreach programs which introduced the public to the archival holdings. For the las two years, I have served as a moderator at the Cooperstown Symposium on Baseball and American Culture, an annual event hosted by the Baseball Hall of Fame.

I chose the History Program (and the Public History Concentration) at UMass-Amherst because it will allow me to combine historical research and writing with the skills I will need for my career in archive management. I was drawn to the program because of the rich archival resources available through the Five College Consortium and because of the professors whose areas of expertise link to my own research goals. At UMass, I plan to focus my research on progressivism and 19th and 20th century women/women's movements.


Deborah Kallman

Fields: Modern U.S. History, Public History, and Modern Europe

Faculty: Jennifer Fronc, David Glassberg, Jennifer Heuer

Education: MBA, University of the Pacific; BBA, Georgia State University

Interests: My interests are diverse as I have taken a somewhat nontraditional route to UMass.  Having spent most of my twenty-five year finance and accounting career in higher education financial administration, I understand the importance of education to society and through visits to various historical sites I have observed the impact public historians have in creating environments that render history accessible to the general public.  My career goal is to work in a museum setting where I can apply my newly acquired public history skills and my financial and leadership skills.

In addition to public history, I am interested in the Progressive era and particularly reform efforts during the early part of the twentieth-century and women’s roles in reform.  I am presently researching a farm in West Newbury, Massachusetts and how the efforts of the farm’s rather ordinary female owner impacted a number of individuals.  A secondary interest of mine is that of the Great War and memory.



Michael Jirik


Fields: 19th Century U.S., African American History, Latin America
Faculty: Sarah Cornell, Manisha Sinha, Joel Wolfe
Education: B.A. History, Gustavus Adolphus College
Interests: 19th Century U.S. history with an emphasis on Slavery, Emancipation, Abolition, and the Civil War Era.


Kathleen Mahoney


Education: B.A. History, Boston College (2009)

Interests: Public History, 20th century urban history, and the history of American popular culture.





Chelsea Miller

Fields: Public History, 17th-19th century Middle East, 19th-20th century United States

Faculty: Anne Broadbridge, Marla Miller, Johan Mathew, Sam Redman

Education: B.A. History, Mount Holyoke College (2014)

Interests: Material culture, museum studies, gender and sexuality, environmental history





Jared Muskovitz

Fields: LGBT History, History of Sexuality, 20th Century U.S.
Faculty: Jennifer Fronc, Laura Lovett
Education: BA, The College of St. Scholastica (Secondary Education, History), 2011
Interests: LGBT politics, social justice, Minnesota politics, deaf culture, and post-9/11 America



Julie Peterson

Fields: Public History, 20th Century U.S. History, Built Environment
Faculty: David Glassberg
Education: BA, History & Hispanic Studies, Lewis & Clark College, 2012
Interests: As an undergraduate, I studied the built environment in order to understand how the actions of people throughout history have impacted the physical environment, the political landscape, and the cultural milieu of the United States.  Analyzing the ways that groups of people have expressed themselves—or conversely, been repressed—through the landscape is my primary interest in history, which led me to the field of public history; historical sites, house museums, and walking tours represent spaces in which these ideas can best be expressed.  Other areas of academic interest include: oral history, race and ethnicity, social justice, the rise of the prison-industrial complex, the digital humanities, and modern Latin America. When I’m not investigating these subjects, I can be found running, practicing guitar, doing the NY Times crossword puzzle, listening to podcasts, drinking craft beer, or exploring foodie culture!



Kayla Pittman

Fields: U.S. South: Slavery in the Early Republic-Antebellum, Early Modern Europe: Slavery in the Atlantic, Public History: Historic Site Preservation & Interpretation
Faculty: Barbara Krauthamer, Jennifer Heuer, David Glassberg  
Education: B.A., University of Oklahoma, 2012




Rebecca Schmitt

Fields: Public History; Historic Preservation; Modern US History; Modern German History & Memory

Faculty: David Glassberg, Max Page, Jon Olsen

Education: BA History and BS Historic Preservation, Southeast Missouri State University, 2013

Interests: Historic Preservation, specifically the intersections between preservation planning, private property rights, preservation law, culture, memory, and Public History. I am also interested in architectural history and analyzing buildings as objects of material culture. Much of this interest is driven by my recent internship with the Maryland Historical Trust (State Historic Preservation Office for the state of Maryland). Other interests include Memory in US Modern History, Modern German History and the memory of World War II; Heritage Landscapes; Heritage tourism, especially dark tourism.




Charles Weisenberger

Fields: African American History, Digital History, Global History
Faculty: Barbara Krauthamer, Jon Olsen
Education: B.A. History, Washington College (2012) 
Interests: I have a general fascination with Early American history, but my primary research interest is slavery in the Chesapeake region during the Early Republic. As a graduate student, I want to learn more about the development of enslaved communities as well as transnational influences on American slavery. As an aspiring public historian, I also hope to develop strategies and techniques for representing the experiences of enslaved people to the broader public.