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Recent Books by UMass-Amherst History Faculty

This page is under construction - thank you for your patience!

The History Department's faculty maintains an active research and publishing program. This page showcases books published by current and former members of the faculty. Books are listed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent at the top. If you know of any books that have been inadvertently omitted, please contact the webmaster at

Books by former members of the faculty (*) do not include those published after their departure from UMass, but books by emeriti include those published after their retirement.

See also books by history department alumni.


Recent Books by UMass-Amherst History Faculty


Jane Rausch, Territorial Rule in Colombia and the Transformation of the Llanos Orientales (University of Florida, 2013).


Robert E. Jones, Bread Upon the Waters: The St. Petersburg Grain Trade and the Russian Economy, 1703-1811 (University of Pittsburg, 2013).


Barbara Krauthamer, Envisioning Emancipation: Black Americans and the End of Slavery (Temple University Press, 2012).

José Angel Hernández, Mexican American Colonization during the Nineteenth Century: A History of the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands (Cambridge University Press, 2012).

Laura Lovett, ed., When We Were Free to Be: Looking Back at a Children's Classic and the Difference It Made (The University of North Carolina Press, 2012).


Stephen Platt, Autumn in the Heavenly Kingdom: China, the West, and the Epic Story of the Taiping Civil War (Alfred A. Knopf, 2012).

Marla Miller, Betsy Ross and the Making of America (MacMillan Press, 2010).

Joel Martin, Native Americans, Christianity, and the Reshaping of the American Religious Landscape (UNC Press, 2010).

Joel Wolfe, Autos and Progress:  The Brazilian Search for Modernity (Oxford UP:  2010).

Richard Chu, Chinese and Chinese Mestizos of Manila: Family, Identity, and Culture, 1860s-1930s (Brill, 2010).

Richard Chu, Chinese Merchants of Binondo in the Late Nineteenth Century (University of Santo Tomas Press, Manila, 2010).


Barry Levy, Town Born: the Political Economy of New England from its Founding to the Revolution (University of Pennsylvania Press) 350 pages.  October 2009.

Jennifer Fronc, New York Undercover: Private Surveillance in the Progressive Era (University of Chicago Press, 2009).

Marla Miller, editor, Cultivating the Past: Essays on the History of Hadley (University of Massachusetts Press, 2009).

Robert E. Weir,  The Knights Down Under: The Knights of Labour in New Zealand (Cambridge Scholars Press, 2009).

Robert A. Potash,* Looking Back at My First Eighty Years: A Mostly Professional Memoir. Bloomington: iUniverse, 2008. (The book can be ordered online from,, or other online book distributors.)

Sigrid Schmalzer, The People's Peking Man: Popular Science and Human Identity in Twentieth-Century China. (University of Chicago Press, 2008).

Anne F. Broadbridge, Kingship and Ideology in the Islamic and Mongol Worlds. (Cambridge University Press, 2008).   
Daniel Gordon et al, Daily Dose of Knowledge: History (Publications International, Ltd) 384 2008.

Brian Bunk and Sasha D. Pack, and Cart Gustaf-Scott, eds., Nation and Conflict in Modern Spain: Essays in Honor of Stanley G. Payne (Parallel Press, 2008).

Stephen Nissenbaum et al, editors, The Industrial Book, 1840-1880 (University of North Carolina Press 2007.)

Brian D. Bunk, Ghosts of Passion: Martyrdom, Gender, and the Origins of the Spanish Civil War  (Duke University Press, 2007).

Robert E. Weir et al, editor, Class in America: An  Encyclopedia (3 vols.) (Greenwood Press, 2007).

Jane M. Rausch, From Frontier Town to Metropolis: A History of Villavicencio, Colombia, Since 1842. (Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield, 2007).

Laura Lovett, Conceiving the Future: ProNatalism, Reproduction, and Family in the United States, 1890-1938 (University of North Carolina Press, 2007).

Richard Minear, The Scars of War: Tokyo during World War II: Writings of Takeyama Michio (Asian/Pacific Perspectives; Asian Voices) (Roman and Littlefield, 2007) .

Stephen R. Platt, Provincial Patriots: The Hunanese and Modern China (Harvard University Press, 2007).

Leonard L. Richards,* The California Gold Rush and the Coming of the Civil War (Alfred A. Knopf, 2007).

Ronald Story* and Bruce Laurie, The Rise of Conservatism in America: A Brief History with Documents, 1945-2000 (Bedford/St. Martin's, 2007).

More books by UMass-Amherst History Faculty.