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Ph.D. Recipients Since 2000

This page is intended to give a sense of the range and focus of recent Ph.D. student research in our department, and of the positions that Ph.D.s from our department have found. See also books by history department students and alumni.

Ph.D. Recipients 


Dan Allosso: “Peppermint Kings: A Rural American History”

Felicia Jamison: "And Liberty For All: Geechee Culture and the Black Freedom Struggle in Liberty County, Georgia, 1752-1946"

Kathryn Julian: "The Socialist Devout: Religious Orders and the Making of an East German Catholic Community"

Amanda Tewes: "Fantasy Frontier: Old West Theme Parks and Memory in California"



Julie de Chantal"'If There Are Men who Are Afraid to Die, There Are Women who Are NOT': African American Women's Civil Right Leadership in Boston, 1920-1975." 

Daniel Chard: “Nixon’s War on Terrorism: The FBI, Leftist Guerrillas, and the Origins of Watergate” 

Gary Garrison: "Rights in Property and Property in Rights: Privacy, Contract and Ownership of the Body in Anglo-American Political and Constitutional Thought." Deceased.

Sandra Perot"Theatre Women and Cultural Diplomacy in the Transatlantic Anglophone World: 1752-1807" 



Jeffrey Kovach: "Nantucket Women: Public Authority and Education in the Eighteenth-Century Nantucket Quaker Women's Meeting and the Foundation for Female Activism" 

Seanegan Sculley: "Good Gentlemen and Dirty Nasty People: The Formation of Military Tradition and Leadership in the Continental Army, 1775-1783" 



Richard Taupier: “The Oirad of the Early 17th Century: Statehood and Political Ideology.” Currently Associate Director for Program Development, Office of Research and Deveopment UMass Amherst

Laura Miller: “All-American Vacationland: African American, Puerto Rican, and Italian Resorts in the Catskill Mountains, 1920-1980.” Research Fellow at Rockefeller Archive Center.

Thomas Army: "Engineering Victory: The Ingenuity, Proficiency, and Versatility of Union Citizen Soldiers in Determining the Outcome of the Civil War." 

Andrew Dausch: "Discovering Brazil in Twentieth-Century France, 1930-1964: Franco-Brazil Cultural Politics in the Era of Decolonization." 



Maria Abunnasr: "The Making of Ras Beirut: A Landscape of Memory for Narratives of Exceptionalism, 1870-1975." 

Michelle Marino: "Sweating Femininity: Women Athletes, Masculine Culture, and American Inequality from 1930 to the Present." Faculty TT at Hastings College.



Carolyn Barske: "The Lover's Instructor": Courtship Advice in Anglo-America, 1640-1830." Currently Faculty TT at the University of North Alabama.

Yveline Alexis: "Nationalism & the Politics of Historical Memory: Charlemagne Peralte's Rebellion against U.S. Occupation of Haiti, 1915-1986." Faculty TT in Africana Studies at Oberlin College.



Kathryn Merriam: "The Preservation of Iroquois Thought: J.N.B. Hewitt's Legacy of Scholarship for His People." Faculty NTT at Community College of Vermont.

Margo Shea: "Once Again It Happens:" Collective Remembrance and Irish Identity in Catholic Derry, Northern Ireland 1896-2008." Faculty TT at Salem State University.

Harry Franqui-Rivera: "Fighting for the Nation: Military Service, Popular Political Mobilization and the Creation of Modern Puerto Rican National Identities: 1868-1952." Research Associate at CENTRO at Hunter College.

Michael Shapiro: "Becoming Union Square: Struggles For Legitimacy in Nineteenth-Century New York." Account Supervisor at 360i; Co-Founder/Business and Marketing Manager at James Anthony Apparel.

Brian Bixby: "Seeking Shakers: Two Centuries of Visitors to Shaker Villages."

Aimee Newell: "A Stitch in Time: Needlework and Feminine Aging in Antebellum America." Currently Director of Collections, National Heritage Museum, Lexington, MA. 



Jordan Lewis Reed: "American Jacobins: Revolutionary Radicalism in the Civil War Era." Currently employed at the Office of Naval Intelligence

Babette Faehmel: "Beyond the Bell Jar: Sexuality and Identity of College Women, 1940-1965." Currently Assistant Professor of History, Schenectady County Community College, NY.



Jill Mudgett: "The Hills of Home: Environmental Identity in the Rural North, 1820-1860." Currently an independent scholar.



Jill Ogline Titus: "A Mission To a Mad County: Black Determination, White Resistance, and Educational Crisis in Prince Edward County, 1959-1965." Currently Associate Director of the Civil War Institute.

Dinah Mayo-Bobee: "‘Something Energetic and Spirited’: Massachusetts Federalists, Rational Politics, and Political Economy in the Age of Jefferson, 1805-1815." Faculty TT at East Tennessee State University.

Thomas Rushford: "Burnings and Blessings: The Cultural Reality of the Supernatural across Early Modern European Spaces." Currently at Northern Virginia Community College



Heather Murray: "Not in This Family: Gays and the Family of Origin in North America, 1945-90." Currently Assistant Professor of History, University of Ottawa.

Julia Sandy-Bailey: "The 'Negro Market' and the Black Freedom Movement in New York City, 1930-1965." Currently Assistant Professor of History, Shepherd University, Shepherdstown, W. Va. 



Christoph Strobel: "Contested Grounds:  Ideologies of Accommodation and Separation and the Colonial Transformation of Ohio and the Eastern Cape, 1760s-1860s." Currently Assistant Professor of History, University of Massachusetts Lowell.

Thomas Conroy: "Before 'Bulfinch's Boston': Building, Builders, and the Politics of Style, 1750-1800." Faculty in Urban Studies at Worcester State University.

Wan-li Hu: "Mao's American Strategy and the Korean War." Currently Director, China Program Center, University of Massachusetts Boston.

Kristin Harper: "Reforming the Familia Tabasqueña:  Gender and State Formation in Revolutionary Tabasco." Currently Assistant Professor of History, Educational Advisor at the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation in Lansdowne, VA.

Germaine Etienne: "Morality and the 'Middle Class': Antebellum Free Blacks in the Age of Reform." Currently Assistant Professor of History, Southern Illinois University.

Martha Yoder: "Violation and Immunity: The Body and the Body Politic in Revolutionary America." Currently Lecturer, Commonwealth College, University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Kevin S. Reilly: "Corporate Stories: Fortune Magazine and the Making of a Modern Managerial Culture."



Julie Gallagher: "Women of Action, In Action: The New Politics of Black Women in New York City, 1944-1972." Currently Associate Professor of History, Penn State Brandywine, Brandywine, Pa. 

Rick Goulet: "Trade and Conversion: Indians, Spaniards and Franciscans on the Upper Amazon Frontier, 1693-1792." Currently Associate Professor of History, Department of History, Economics, and Political Science, Lock Haven University, PA.

David Hamblin: "A Social History of Protestantism in Colombia, 1930-2000."

Robert Surbrug: "Thinking Globally: Political Movements on the Left in Massachusetts, 1974-90." Currently Instructor in History, Bay Path College, Longmeadow, MA.

Timothy Willig: "Restoring the Thin Red Line:  British Policy and the Indians of the Great Lakes, 1783-1812." Currently Assistant Professor of History, Indiana University South Bend.



Barbara Fox: "Rejuvenating France: The Creation of a National Youth Culture After The Great War." Currently Associate Professor of History, Suffolk County Community College, Long Island, NY.

Richard Gassan: "The Birth of American Tourism: New York, the Hudson Valley, and American Culture, 1790-1835." Deceased. Formerly Associate Professor of History, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.



Maria G. Abarca: "'Discontented But Not Inevitably Reactionary': Organized Labor in the Nixon Years." Currently Program Officer & Advisor, U.S. Fulbright Commission.

John Lund: "Fear of an Oath: Piety, Hypocrisy, and The Dilemma of Puritan Identity." Currently adjunct faculty, History Department, Keene State College, NH.

Kazuteru Omori: "The Burden of Blackness: Quest for 'Equality' Among Black 'Elites' in Late 19th-Century Boston." Currently Associate Professor of Comparative Culture, Tsuru University, Yamanashi, Japan.

Glendyne R. Wergland: "Women, Men, Property, and Inheritance: Gendered Testamentary Customs in Western Massachusetts, 1800-1860: or, Diligent Wives, Dutiful Daughters, Prodigal Sons, Westward Migration, Reciprocity, and Rewards for Virtue, Considered." Currently an independent scholar.



Harold A. Goldman: "'He Had No Right': Sex, Law, and the Courts in Vermont, 1777-1920." Currently an attorney in Burlington, Vermont.

Else K. Hambleton: "'The World Fill'd with a Generation of Bastards': Pregnant Brides and Unwed Mothers in Seventeenth-Century Massachusetts." Currently an independent scholar.

Ann F. Jefferson: "The Rebellion of Mita, Eastern Guatemala, in 1837."Currently Lecturer in History, University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

Marian B. Mollin: "Actions Louder Than Words: Gender and Political Activism in the American Radical Pacifist Movement, 1942-1972." Currently Associate Professor and Associate Chair of the History Department, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Graham Warder: "Selling Sobriety: How Temperance Reshaped Culture in Antebellum America." Currently Lecturer in History, Keene State College, NH.