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Should America Become A Socialist Country? Yes, No, and In-Between

Professor Dan Gordon (Department of History, UMass) and the University Union present a debate on the meaning of "socialism" and its pros and cons. Panelists include:

• Andrew Donson (Department of History, UMass) 
• Gerald Friedman (Department of Economics, UMass)
• Leonore Palladino (Department of Economics, UMass)
• Chirag Lala (Department of Economics, UMass)
• James Miller (Economics, Smith College)

The event will consist of 3-5 minute presentations, followed by debate and questions.

Organized by Professor Daniel Gordon (Department of History, UMass) with the University Union, a student debating club presided over by Katrina Lamkin. The speakers are appearing for free and there is no funding source for this event.

Early arrival recommended!