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"How to be (Sort of) Happy in Law School" A Conversation with Prof. Katie Young

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Are you interested in attending law school?  If so, then come talk with Prof. Katie Young about her new book How to be (Sort of) Happy in Law School and learn how to approach law school on your own terms: how to tune out the drumbeat of oppressive expectations and conventional wisdom to create a new breed of law school experience altogether.

How to Be Sort of Happy in Law School is smart, compelling, and highly readable. Combining her own observations and experiences with the results of her own in-depth study and the latest sociological research on law schools, Young offers a very different take from previous books about law school survival. Instead of assuming students should all aspire to law-review-and-big-firm notions of success, Prof. Young provides students with practical tools for finding focus, happiness, and a sense of purpose while facing the seemingly endless onslaught of problems law school presents daily.

This book is an indispensable companion for today's law students, prospective law students, and anyone who cares about making law students' lives better. Bursting with warmth, realism, and a touch of firebrand wit, How to Be Sort of Happy in Law School equips law students with much-needed wisdom for thriving during those three crucial years. 

Kathryne M. Young is Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, where she teaches courses on social psychology, criminal procedure, and sociology of law. Young holds a JD from Stanford Law School, a PhD from Stanford University, and an MFA from Oregon State University. 

Co-Sponsored by: Umass Departments of History, Sociology, Legal Studies, and the Pre-Law Advising Office.