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Student Profile

Carl Mead '13 English Major and student teacher at Amherst Regional High School discusses his love of teaching and his strong desire to instill a passion for reading and writing in others. More...




Welcome to the HFA student pages!


The study of languages and literatures, history and philosophy, cultures and society exercises - and enriches - the minds of all who engage seriously in these pursuits. Students in the College of Humanities and Fine Arts will enhance their fundamental skills in reading, writing, and speaking (in a multitude of languages) and develop new skills in logic and aesthetic expression. In production and performance, students test imaginative hypotheses, become technically proficient, discover new connections and meanings, and create their own works.


The College's curriculum is designed to encourage students to become more competent, creative, humane, and productive. Graduates of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts will be equipped to make their lives, as well as earn their livings.


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